Introducing CityLight Small Groups

In (Mark 16:15), we are commanded to go into all the entire world and segments to preach the gospel and make disciples of every nation. CityLight achieves this by utilizing small groups also called GQs (God Quest Groups).   

Purpose of Small Groups (Club GQ)

Club GQs are small-group gatherings of friends in various parts of the city, in a variety of informal, relaxed settings (homes, workplaces, schools, coffeehouses etc) to encourage and uplift one another and raise up lights within each segment of our community. These meetings are based on felt-needs and self-interest of the participants. The primary purpose of the Small groups or GQs is to bring people together. We were created for relationships as no individual was created to function alone. Sharing life through community is part of our design, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find. That’s why small groups exist—to make these life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you.

Spring Semester  Officially begins in February 2018, however you can begin by registering Today…

Category Name of Group Description
Art and entertainment Infuse For those interested in music, arts, worship.
  Fitness For Purpose Enjoy fun time connecting while exercising for purpose
Business/Entrepreneurship Real Estate Learn Real Estate tips while in a small group of likeminded believers
  Entrepreneurship Discover the power of developing entrepreneurship skills building a platform
Church  Specialized Classes Learn about Righteousness, Types of Prayer, Baptism etc
  Purpose corner Learn about Purpose as we study the book the purpose driven life
  Star Witnesses For those interested in reaching out to people with the gospel in creative ways.
Distribution/Media Creatives For those interested in graphic design, social media
Education STEM Outreach Science Technology Engineering & Maths outreach for High School students
  Witty Invention Learn how to code, serve God for the science inclined
Family Help a brother/Sister For people with philanthropic desires and need to serve others
  Get my life back This group is intimate for those finding freedom from different issues financial, personal, family restoration
  Marriage This is an intimate small group for married couples
  Singles Hangout small group for singles under 30s
  SOUP Sisters opening up is a small group for women of all ages.
  Men Stepping up Go through insightful book about men stepping up.
Government Leadership Small group on developing leadership
  A just cause Small group on social justice