Do you know that:

* You’re very special !

* There’s a deep void in every man that longs for true love and fulfillment.

* True fulfillment only comes from experiencing a real relationship with God, the Creator.

* You’re not alone and there’s a church in your neighborhood who loves you and cares about your needs and is praying for you.

* We are here for you and your family, to help achieve your God-given purpose and live the best life possible for you now !

Why Church ?

The purpose of a church

A church is more than a building and it is not just a social gathering. It is not owned by an individual. A local church consists of the members of the body of Christ gathered together for the purpose of worship, fellowship, prayer, instruction, encouragement, spiritual covering and evangelism. The church should be a living family where everyone is welcome and covered from all evil. It should be a haven where the hurting can find comfort, the lost can find direction, the lonely can find friendship and the depressed can find joy. It is the catalyst for change in the city it is located in and God’s army for winning the world to himself.

Why CityLight?

The CityLight Church is a contemporary, fun, family-oriented, non-denominational church focused on making a positive impact upon the city of Chicago by bringing everyone we come in contact with into maximized living. We are also dedicated to serving as a worldwide Christian outreach center helping the nations experience the blessings that come from knowing Jesus.

What is appropriate to wear to church?

Come as you are! The dress ranges from casual to professional.

How do I get to the church?

CityLight presently holds Sunday morning services at the LightPointe 2.0 in the Hyde Park and Kenwood area. The address is 824 E 43rd Street, Chicago, IL 60653.

Meeting Times

We hold two services every Sunday. Our Inspirational Service begins @ 9:00am while our Celebration Service begins @ 11:00am. Look forward to seeing you at our services.