CityLight International Assembly (a.k.a CityLight Church) is a non denominational church located in Chicago, Illinois. It was commissioned and held it’s first service on February 20th 2005. It is a vision that God gave lead Pastor Gregory Lan Ijiwola and his wife Debo to go out to raise an army of people (lights) within the nation. The church began with a team of 7 people and has since grown to be serving hundreds of people in the Kenwood area of Chicago through various ministry initiatives transcending the church walls and reaching into the social contexts of the community.


It is presently undergoing a phase of foundation building with a strong focus on raising a people that will extend the kingdom of God through the five biblical purposes of the church which are:

– Ministry
– Evangelism
– Fellowship
– Worship
– Discipleship

The result is raising a people who are connected to God, connected to one another,connected to spiritual growth, connected to ministry within the church and connected to ministry within their spheres of influence in the community and the world, bringing many others to Christ and filling the land with the kingdom of God. We are committed to raising lights and inspiring and influencing people to live a maximized

OUR IDENTITY – We Are CityLights

C-We CARE about our CITY and its residents. Our vision is to see God’s glory fill the various segments of our city through the expression of Kingdom values.

I- We are INTENTIONALLY INTEGRATED. Our approach is to connect and share God’s love to individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, class, gender or age. We shall serve and worship with all races in our city without fear or prejudice.

T- We are TRAINED disciples of Christ, eager learners, utilizing every opportunity to know Him and be more like him.

Y- We are YOUTHFUL focusing and investing in the next generation.

L- We are LARGE enough in number to make an undeniable impact on our city.

I- We are a church of IRRESISTIBLE INFLUENCE for good in our city, eliminating the works of the enemy where they have ruled.

G- We are GOERS, obeying the GREAT commission, externally focused and using every opportunity to share the GOOD NEWS of Christ’s love and the kingdom.

H- We are a HOLISTIC and HOLY church, relevant in the world but separated from its attitudes and sinful lifestyles. Reaching various dimensions of life through wholesome initiatives.

T- We are TAKING OVER our individual spheres of influence through our kingdom purpose.

S- We are SPIRIT-FILLED and walking in the SUPERNATURAL-SIGNS and wonders in our world.